(pronounced Tay-dee)

Thede Farms is near Reinbeck, located in NE Iowa an area known for rich soils that produce abundant amounts of corn and soybeans. Tracy and I have lived in this area our whole lives. When we started our life together we both had a passion for caring for animals, mine was the swine industry and Tracy being passionate for the equine side of things as she grew up with horses. Being blessed with two sons, Jason and Andrew we soon found out that our time was now spent raising our family. The passion for horses soon took over and Tracy’s first horse was purchased, a yearling in which she trained to be a very good trail horse. I soon found myself enjoying trail riding and a second horse was purchased. Camping and trail riding with friends became our pastime. As time went on my mare was bred to a cowhorse stallion and a new passion for Tracy was formed, after a few years of Tracy competing in Working Cowhorse Events, I found myself wanting to try it, guess what, I was hooked and then things got crazy. As of today we find ourselves in our heated arena Standing a Stallion, Breeding, Raising, Training, and competing in Working Cowhorse Events with some of our wonderful horses. Though our travels going to local and national events we have found an enormous amount of people with the same passion we possess, we now call these people friends. We hope you enjoy taking a look through the horses we now have on our farm.

Your Friends, Gary & Tracy Thede